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The ECU is the central control unit for the engine and all motronic components. It utilises inputs from sensors to fully control ignition, fueling, boost pressure and emissions and can make on the fly adjustments as required.
A self diagnosis feature allows faults to be stored in memory. Depending on the nature of the fault, the ECU can reduce power output or shut the engine down.

Part NumberModel
895 907 404 BA3B
895 907 551 AABY (up to chassis 8B-R-015000)
895 907 551 BABY (from chassis 8B-S-000001

The picture below displays the pins of the ecu from an ABY model. Pin 1 and 55 are arrowed.

The following tables contain the pin out references for the 3B and ABY ECUs.
Pin #3BWire ColourABY Wire Colour
1Output Stage for Ignition Coilgrey / whiteOutput Stage for Ignition Cylinder #1green / white
2Coding Plugyellow / blackOutput Stage for Ignition Cylinder #2lilac
3Fuel Pump Relaybrown / greenFuel Pump Relay 0vbrown / green
4Idle Stabiliser Valvegreen / blackIdle Stabiliser Valvegreen / black
5Carbon canister freq valvewhiteEVAP emissions freq valvewhite
6Tachometer signallilacA/C compressorgreen / black
7Mass Air Flow signal (PIN 3)black / whiteMass Air Flow signal (PIN 3)black / white
8Hall Effect SensorgreenCamshaft Position Sensorgreen
9n/an/aBarometric Pressure Sensorgrey
10Gnd (0v)brown / yellowGnd (0v)brown / yellow
11Knock Sensor (cyl 1-3)whiteKnock Sensor (cyl 1-3) white
12Vref (12v)red / blackVref (12v) red / blue
13OBD Connector (L line)green / greyOBD Connector (L line)white / red, green / grey
14Gnd (0v)brown / redGnd (0v) brown / red
15Fuel Injector #3brown / greenn/an/a
16Fuel injector #2brown / blueFuel injector #5brown /red
17Fuel Injector #1brown / blackFuel injector #2brown / blue
1812v battery feed (via fuse #27)red / white12v battery feed (via fuse #27) red / white
19Gnd (0v)brown / yellowGnd (0v)brown / yellow
20n/an/aOutput Stage for Ignition Cylinder #4red / black
21n/an/aOutput Stage for Ignition Cylinder #5 green
22OBD Signal (blink)grey / brown x2OBD Signal (blink)grey / brown x2
23WGFVgreen / yellowOutput Stage for Ignition Cylinder #3 black/ blue
24Gnd (0v)brown / redGnd (0v)brown / red
25Mass Air Flow signal (PIN 4)blue / lilacMass Air Flow signal (PIN 4) blue / lilac
26Mass Air Flow signal (PIN 2)white / greenMass Air Flow signal (PIN 2)white / green
27Switched 12V (ignition on)black / blueSwitched 12V (ignition on)black
28Lambda SensorgreenLambda Sensorgreen
29Knock Sensor 2 (cyl 4,5)greenKnock Sensor 2 (cyl 4,5)green
30Gnd (0v)black / lilacGnd (0v)black / lilac
31?n/aFuel Consumption Signal for Multi function Computer brown / black
32Fuel Consumption Signal for Multi function Computerbrown / blackCharge Pressure signal for Multi function Computerblue
33n/an/aWGFVgreen / yellow
34Fuel Injector #5brown / redFuel Injector #3brown / green
35Fuel Injector #4brown / whiteFuel Injector #4brown / white
36Multi Function Temp sender (pin 2)blue / whiteFuel Injector #1brown / black
3712v Battery feed (via fuse #28)blue / blackSwitched 12v supply via Fuel pump relayblue / black
38Coding plugbrown / blueCoding plugbrown / blue
39Coding plugwhite / blackCoding plugwhite / black
40A/C compressor (ON/OFF)green / blackTachometer signallilac
41A/C compressor (idle speed)black / yellowAir Con statusblack / yellow
44Air Intake temp sensorblack / yellowAir Intake temp sensorblack / yellow
45Coolant Temp sensorred / greenCoolant Temp sensor red / green
46Altitude SensorgreyF76 coolant thermoswitchblue / white
47Engine Speed SensorblueCrankshaft ref position sensorred
48Ref for Engine speed / crankshaft position sensorslilac + greyRef for crankshaft speed/position sensorslilac
49Crankshaft position sensorredCrankshaft speed sensor blue
50n/an/aVehicle Speed Signalwhite / blue
52Throttle Position Switch (idle)green / lilacThrottle Position Switch (idle)green / lilac
53Throttle Valve Positiongreen / blueThrottle Position (angle)green / blue
54Coding plug red / yellown/an/a
55OBD Signal (K wire)green / redOBG Signal (K wire)green / red