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The article below describes the replacement of a blown bulb in the outside temperature display unit. Replacement in this instance was with an LED, although it is also possible to solder in a replacement bulb.

Many thanks to Owen Pritchard who did everything for this job and all picture taking.

No responsisbilty is accepted for anyone attempting this procedure by following the steps contained in these pages. This is intended as a guide only and all usual precautions should be heeded when attempting work on a motor vehicle. I cannot be held responsible for any damage sustained as a result of using these pages.

Parts needed:

Replacement bulb (0.6W) (eg Maplins PG77J) / LED (eg. Maplins CJ70)

Tools needed are as follows:

1. Philips screwdrivers
2. Flat blade screwdriver
3. 24mm socket with driver (optional)
4. Soldering iron and tools

While not actually required, the job is significantly easier if the steering wheel is removed. My car does not have an airbag so the following description is only for non airbag cars.

Rotate the horn push button by rotating it anticlockwise
and place to one side. Use the 24mm socket to undo the nut
which retains the steering wheel. Once undone,withdraw the
nut and the dished washer behind it.The steering wheel can
be pulled forwards and off the splines.

The top of the steering column cover is held by two screws.
These can be undone by using a cross head screwdriver from
underneath. Once off, you will have the view seen here left.

In the picture above left, the instrument cluster is held
in by the two screws arrowed. These can be removed using
a philips screwdriver.

Undo the clips around the rear of the cluster arrowed and
remove the cluster from the car. The clips are easer to
remove by using a flat blade screwdriver to release the
purple coloured holder.

The outside display unit is held in by two screws at the
base of the cluster and there are also two more screws
holding the yellow connector to rear of the housing.

Once off the display unit can be disassembled and the old
bulb removed. The black housing is held together with
black insulating tape and two small screws.
Use a soldering iron to remove the old bulb and attach
the new one. If fitting a bulb, the orienation is not
important. However, an LED will only work one way. Take
extreme care with soldering and do not leave any excess
solder which may cause a short.

The correct orientation for this unit can be seen in this
picture. However, not all units are the same so this is
a guide only.

Once the soldering is complete, the bulb / led can be
tested in the car by connecting to the yellow connector
without having to reassemble everything.

Once verified as working, reassemble the black housing,
making sure it is completely flush all the way round.
Failure to do this, will result in a faulty display
(experience speaks here).

Once done, the entire instrument cluster can be
reassembled and you can enjoy the benefit of the
outside temperature display in working order.

Don't forget to reset the clock and ensure the
steering wheel is in the correct position.

DescriptionTightening Torque
Steering Wheel 40 Nm