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Description Current Flow Designator
Alternator with voltage regulatorC/C1
Ignition / starter switchD
Lighting switchE1
Turn signal switchE2
Emergency light switchE3
Headlight dipper/flasherE4
Fog Light switchE7
Switch for sliding roofE8
Heated rear window switchE15
Rear Fog Light switchE18
Parking Light switchE19
Switches and Instruments - Lighting controlE20
Intermittent wiper switchE22
Window lifter switch, front leftE40
Window lifter switch, front rightE41
Mirror adjustment switchE43
Sliding roof cut out switch (closed)E56
Sliding roof cut out switch (open/closed)E60
Switch for drivers seat height and longitudinal adjustmentE61
Switch for drivers seat front height adjustmentE62
Switch for drivers seat rear height adjustmentE63
Switch for passenger seat height and longitudinal adjustmentE64
Switch for passenger seat front height adjustmentE65
Switch for passenger seat rear height adjustmentE66
Operating and Display unit for air conditionerE87
Button for autocheck systemE93
Switch and regulator for heated drivers seatE94
Switch and regulator for heated passenger seatE95
Switch for drivers seat backrest adjustmentE96
Switch for passenger seat backrest adjustmentE98
Switch for window lifter (in passenger door)E107
Switch for fresh air flapE114
Regulator for sliding roof adjustmentE139
Switch for vent wing leftE140
Switch for vent wing, rightE141
Brake light switchF
Oil pressure switch (1.8 bar), whiteF1
Front left door contact switchF2
Front right door contact switchF3
Switch for Reversing LightsF4
Contact Switch for bootF5
Contact Switch for door, rear leftF10
Contact Switch for door, rear rightF11
Thermoswitch for radiator fanF18/F54
Hydraulic brake servo unit warning switchF21
Oil pressure switch (0.3 bar) with oil pressure senderF22/G10
High pressure switch for air conditionerF23
Brake fluid warning contactF34
Ambient Temperature Switch (only with manual air con)F38
Switch for central locking, drivers sideF59
Coolant shortage indicator switchF66
Low pressure switch for air conditionerF73
Hydraulic fluid warning contactF75
Electronic thermoswitchF76
Windscreen washer pump with warning contact for washer fluid
(only with auto-check system)
Altitude sender F96
Thermoswitch for coolant pump / turbochargerF98
Switch for central locking, passenger sideF114
High pressure switch for magnetic clutch (only with air con)F118
Contact switch for anti-theft alarm system / repeller systemF120
Drivers door switch for anti-theft alarm systemF121
Passenger door switch for anti-theft systemF122
Tailgate contact switch for anti-theft systemF123
Contact switch in lock cylinder for tailgate/anti-theft system/central lockingF124
Multi function switchF125
Fuel Gauge senderG
Fuel Gauge G1
Coolant temperature Gauge G3
Firing point sender (black connector) G4
Rev Counter G5
Fuel pump G6
Oil temperature sender G8
Oil temperature gauge G9
Oil pressure sender G10
Oil pressure gauge G11
Voltmeter G14
Ambient Temperature Sender
(only with ambient temperature indicator or digital air con)
Speedometer G21
Speedometer senderG22
Engine Speed sender (grey connector)G28
Lambda probe G39
Ignition distributor / Hall SenderG40
Intake Air Temperature SenderG42
Temperature sensor dash panelG56
Temperature sensor for drivers seatG59
Temperature sensor for passenger seatG60
Knock Sensor I, front (brown connector) G61
Sender for coolant temperature
(for motronic ignition and injection system)
Knock Sensor II, rear (green connector) G66
Throttle Valve Potentiometer with idling switch G69/F60
Air Mass MeterG70
Temperature sensor roofG86
Temperature sensor fresh air intake duct (only with digital air con)G89
Speed sender - air conditioner compressor
(only with air conditioner)
Infra red sensor left, for central lockingG117
Infra red sensor right, for central lockingG118
Horn / dual hornH1
Horn for anti-theft alarmH8
Fog Light relay J5
Voltage stabiliser J6
Radiator fan relay J10
Fuel Pump Relay J17
Radiator Fan relay J26
Rear window wiper/washer relay J30
Intermittent wash/wipe relay J31
Magnetic clutch relay J44
Relief relay for X-contact J59
Sliding roof relay J72
Daylight driving light switch on relay J90
Radiator fan 2nd stage relay J101
Bulb monitoring device (front) J123
Bulb monitoring device (rear) J124
Switch for blower unit J126
Control and regulating unit for air conditioner J127
Indicator Unit with computer J128
Radiator fan 3rd stage relay J135
Control unit for window lifter/vent wings and sliding roof J139
Buzzer for sidelights and radioJ152
Switch unit for coolant pump / turbocharger J155
Instrument lighting amplifier J166
Control unit for minicheck system J168
Control unit for daylight driving lights J188
Autocheck system J189
Control unit for motronic J220
Relay for starter inhibitor and reversing lightJ226
Control unit for sliding roof adjustmentJ245
Control unit for fresh/recirculating air flap J251
Rear fog light cut out relay (trailer towing) J269
Driving Light relay J336
Immobiliser relay I J341
Immobiliser relay II J342
Wiring adapter for diagnosis plug (K wiring) K
Main beam warning lamp K1
Alternator warning lamp K2
Starting device warning lamp K15
Trailer operating warning lamp K18
Emergency Light and right turn signal warning lamp K64
Left turn signal warning lamp K65
Alarm system warning lampK95
Wiring adapter for diagnosis plug (L wiring)L
Twin filament bulb, leftL1
Twin filament bulb, rightL2
Front left foglight bulbL22
Front right foglight bulbL23
Cigarette Lighter light bulbL28
Engine compartment bulbL29
Rear foglight bulb, leftL46
Rear foglight bulb, rightL47
Rear ashtray light bulbL48
Tail light bulb, rightM2
Tail light bulb, leftM4
Front left turn signal bulbM5
Rear left turn signal bulbM6
Front right turn signal bulbM7
Rear right turn signal bulb, leftM8
Brake light bulb, leftM9
Brake light bulb, leftM10
Reversing light bulb left M16
Reversing light bulb rightM17
Bulb for high mounted brake lightM25
Air conditioner magnetic clutchN25
Radiator Fan series resistanceN39
Fan run on series resistance N47
Hydraulic Unit for anti-lock brake systemN55
Two way valve for fresh and recirculating air flap N63
Idle Speed Stabilisation valve N71
Resistance wireN74
Solenoid Valve for Boost pressure controlN75
Activated Charcoal filter system solenoid Valve N80
Ignition Coil and power end stage (ignition transformer) N152
Ignition distributor O
Spark Plug Connector P
Spark Plugs Q
Front left loudspeakerR2
Front right loudspeakerR3
Treble loudspeaker, rear leftR14
Bass loudspeaker rear leftR15
Treble loudspeaker, rear rightR16
Bass loudspeaker, rear rightR17
Fuse for daytime running lightsS23
Fuse for engine systems I for injectorsS24
Fuse for lambda probe heaterS25
Seperate fuse for trailer socketS26
Fuse for engine systems IS27
Fuse for engine systems II (for lambda control)S28
Seperate fuse for brake lightsS29
Fuse for engine systems I and ignition coil, electric cut off valveS32
Seperate fuse for radiator fanS42
Thermo fuse for window liftersS43
Thermo fuse 1 for seat adjustmentS44
Thermo fuse 2 for seat adjustmentS80
Thermo fuse for sliding roofS83
Anti theft warning system and immobiliser fuseS111
Cigarette LighterU1
Trailer socketU10
Windscreen wiper motorV
Sliding roof motorV1
Fresh air blowerV2
Windscreen washer pump with warning contact for washer fluid
(only with auto-check system)
Radiator fanV7
Pump for headlight washer systemV11
Rear wiper motorV12
Rear window washer pumpV13
Window lifter motor, leftV14
Window lifter motor, rightV15
Electric mirror adjustment motor, drivers sideV17
Vacuum Pump for cruise ControlV18
Aerial motorV21
Electric mirror adjstment motor, passenger sideV25
Motor for drivers seat fore and aft adjustmentV28
Motor for drivers seat front height adjustmentV29
Motor for drivers seat rear height adjustmentV30
Motor for passenger seat fore and aft adjustmentV31
Motor for passenger seat front height adjustmentV32
Motor for passenger seat rear height adjustmentV33
Motor for drivers seat backrest adjustmentV45
Motor for passenger seat backrest adjustmentV46
Motor, left for beam adjustmentV48
Motor, right for beam adjustmentV49
Pump for coolant run onV51
Motor for temperature flapV68
Motor for vent wing, leftV83
Motor for vent wing, rightV84
Motor for central locking with control unit for
interior lights switch off delay and anti-theft alarm system
Interior Light, front W
Interior Light, rear W1
Luggage boot lightW3
Glovebox Light W6
reading lamp, rear left W11
Reading lamp, rear right W12
Front passenger reading lamp W13
Illuminated makeup mirror, passenger side W14
Reading lamp, drivers side Light W19
Illuminated makeup mirror,drivers side W20
Number plate Light X
Digital Clock Y2
Heated rear window Z1
Heated mirror, drivers side Z4
Heated mirror, passenger side Z5
Heated drivers seat Z6
Heated drivers seat backrest Z7
Heated passenger seat Z8
Heated passenger seat backrest Z9
Lambda Probe Heating Z19